Dream Catchers!!!

Dream Catchers!!!

Welcome to Dreamcatchers! This is a site for therians and anyone interested in learning about therianthropy. This is not a role-playing site and role-playing will not be tolerated on here. Despite the name being "Dreamcatchers wolf pack", this site is for all therians (and those interested in therianthropy) and no type of therian (or non-therian) is better than another. We have an activity rule, where members must sign on at least once a month so we can be a tight-knit community. If for some reason you cannot sign on once a month, then just please let us know and we would be happy to keep you as a member. We only want members that want to be here. On this site, we go for quality as opposed to quantity and we would rather have 20 good, dedicated members that want to be here rather than 100 members that have no desire at all to be on the site. Please note, you must be 13 or older to join. Any age you might be, please understand that you are responsible for what you want to post about yourself and that you will be held accountable for your actions.  

We want everyone to feel welcome here and can rest assured that we will listen to what you have to say, but please respect all opinions. We are all here to learn from each other. We want you to feel that you can come to Dreamcatchers to talk about therianthropy and your lives in general. So welcome to Dreamcatchers and we hope you enjoy the site!

Dreamcatchers now has its very own "wiki" page! We are opening it to everyone, but only members may request material be posted on it and only members may comment on it. Feel free to look at our "wiki" page on the "Dreamcatchers 'Wiki'" tab.   

If you want to join the site, please make an account and then see the "Join the Site" page. You will remain a limited member until you send one of the Admins or one of the Mods the questions on the Join the Site page. Limited members are only able to see the "Home" page, the "Join the Site" page, the "Dreamcatchers 'Wiki'" Page, and the "Members" page. Once you become a full member, please read over the rules.

For returning members (members who were deleted for inactivity or members who deleted themselves), we have added a separate set of questions for you. Please wait to be accepted as a limited member and then send in the questions. The questions are located on the "Join the Site" page.

This is our motto:

Sarcina Est Callidus, Sarcina Est Fortis (Latin for the pack is clever, the pack is brave).  

This is our site symbol:

flag submission (revised) 

*All credit goes to Scout for the above image.   

  *This artwork was taken off the internet. All credit goes to its respective owner  



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